3 Reasons You Need Ironing Centers in Your Home Designs

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When you are working with home designs, sometimes it is easy to point out areas that could be customized. When you are going over these options with your clients, don’t forget to suggest ironing centers. An ironing center is a small cupboard that houses everything you need to iron, including an ironing board that can fold back into the wall, sort of like a Murphy bed for your ironing needs! Even if you or your clients use an iron next to never, there are still reasons to consider ironing centers in the home design. Here are three of those reasons:

1.   Takes up a fraction of the space. A stand-alone ironing board is one of the most awkward things to get out and use in a home! Once you’re done using the ironing board, you still have to fold it up and store it somewhere. An ironing center fits into the wall itself in a convenient location for your clients, which might be the master closet, a sewing room or the laundry room.

consider ironing centers in the home design

2.   Easy to use and find what you need. One of the reasons people don’t want to iron is because it takes too long to hunt everything down before you can actually do the ironing. An ironing center has everything at an easy reach.

3.   Inexpensive custom piece. While there are some custom pieces that can cost your clients some serious cash, an ironing center is a nice touch that won’t cost much when compared to other upgrades.

An ironing center is great for those who iron their clothes religiously or those who only iron when absolutely necessary. Give your clients the option of an ironing center today with the help of Residential Building Specialties, Inc.