An Introduction to Different Types of Door Handles & Knobs

As a builder or contractor, placing orders for door handles and knobs is something you do regularly as you finish off projects. Even still, you might not be totally familiar with some of the most common door handles and knobs frequently used in homes. Here are some of the door handles and knobs we get orders for most often:

•  Privacy—In most homes, you can find privacy door handles and knobs on bathroom and bedroom doors. These handles and knobs offer the ability to lock the door. This type of hardware features a button you can push in or out or a knob you can turn vertically or horizontally to lock the door.

An Introduction to Different Types of Door Handles & Knobs

•  Passage—Passage door knobs and handles don’t come equipped with any type of locking mechanism. These types of door hardware are usually used in areas within a home that don’t need any privacy. For example, you’ll find passage doorknobs on pantry doors or hallway closet doors.

•  Keyed entrance—Keyed entrance door handles and knobs also come with a locking mechanism in addition to a key that lets you lock and unlock the door. In most cases, these types of handles are used on exterior doors.

•  Dummy knobs and handles—Dummy doorknobs and handles don’t come with any lock or key, and you can’t turn them in one direction or another. As their name suggests, they don’t serve any purpose but to look decorative on the surface of a door.