Choosing Bathroom Hardware: Mix or Match?

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Bathroom Hardware
At Residential Building Specialties, Inc., we offer a wide variety of bathroom hardware to suit any style and budget. Whether your design taste tends toward sleek modernism or a more classic style, you’ll be able to find what you need to complete your bathroom’s new look. Changing out your old bathroom hardware is also a simple way to update your space and refresh its look without having to commit to extensive renovations. Putting the finishing touches on your bathroom offers room to put your own personal stamp on the space. When choosing bathroom hardware, it’s a good idea to first decide whether you want to mix or match.

  • Match- The more traditional school of thought on bathroom hardware is that everything should match–specifically, many designers recommend matching all your hardware to your permanent fittings such as showerheads and faucets. By that logic, if you have chrome faucets, your drawers should have chrome knobs. Other designers may use hardware in other colors or materials as long as the metal accents still match the other fittings–for instance, blue china knobs would be allowed as long as any metal pieces were also chrome.
  • Mix- Other designers feel that your bathroom hardware offers opportunities to introduce color and sparkle to your space. This may include providing visual contrast, such as using light-colored knobs on a dark vanity for greater interest. It can also include mixing your metals, such as using brushed nickel for your cabinets and towel bars, but dark bronze for your lighting fixtures.

Ultimately, this choice comes down to personal preference. Whatever design philosophy you prefer, our team at Residential Building Specialties, Inc., can help you pick out the best bathroom hardware for your space.