Four Bathroom Accessories Every New Bathroom Needs

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Putting the finishing touches on a new bathroom is an exciting part of the building or remodeling process. But to finalize your client’s project, you need access to the right selection of bathroom accessories.

Four Bathroom Accessories Every New Bathroom Needs

Here are a few of the top bathroom accessories you shouldn’t forget to include with your next project:

  1. Quality shower glass—A beautiful shower door can add interest and functionality to any bathroom. Make sure the shower glass you choose complements the space and provides easy functionality to users.
  2. Cabinet pulls—Adding pulls to any bathroom cabinetry gives the room a finished look. Cabinet pulls also make opening and closing cabinetry easier on a daily basis.
  3. Towel rods & hooks—You can’t have a functional bathroom without places to hang towels. We provide a wide supply of both rods and hooks, depending on the look you’re after.
  4. Toilet paper holder—Of course, no bathroom would be complete without a place to hold a roll of toilet paper. Don’t forget to add this important accessory when you finish building or remodeling a bathroom.

At Residential Building Specialties, Inc., we carry all of these bathroom accessories, among many others, to help you complete any bathroom build or remodeling project with ease. To find out what we have in our selection or learn more about why you should partner with us, get in touch with us today.