How Bathroom Hardware Helps Define Your Design

There’s a lot that goes into building or remodeling a bathroom, and some things will naturally receive a higher priority than others. Your (and your client’s) biggest concerns are most likely the major fixtures like the toilet, shower, and sink, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about the smaller details. In fact, seemingly little things like your bathroom hardware can have an enormous impact on the overall design, and in this article, our team here at Residential Building Specialties, Inc. will tell you how.

bathroom hardware can have an enormous impact on the overall design

First, let’s explain what we mean by the term bathroom hardware. Bathroom hardware includes things like towel bars, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders. While not as functionally important as the main fixtures, these components still offer a great deal of design potential. You can use them to put the final touches on a unified design—such as using porcelain drawer pulls to achieve a look of antique elegance, or to create some creative contrast that sets off the other elements in an unexpected way—such as using the same drawer pulls in a more contemporary design to add a note of whimsy.

We here at RBS offer a wide range of high-quality bathroom hardware to give you all the creative options that your clients are looking for. Whatever look you or your client is trying to achieve, our team can help you select the best options to bring that vision to life. When you need the best bathroom hardware for your next project, just give us a call at RBS.