How Your Clients will Benefit from New Shower Enclosures

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Shower enclosures are some of the most popular additions to bathroom renovation projects, and for good reason. They benefit homeowners in many different ways.

How Your Clients will Benefit from New Shower Enclosures

Here are some of the top reasons to talk to your clients about how shower enclosures will benefit them.

  • Improved hygiene. Mold and mildew thrive in a humid environment. Bathrooms are some of the most humid areas of a home, so it’s no wonder that this bacteria can easily grow and thrive on shower curtains. Shower enclosures create a much more hygienic environment, as the mold and mildew can’t grow on glass’s non-porous surface.
  • Elevated appearance. Your clients want their bathrooms to look nice, and adding shower enclosures is a great way to enhance any bathroom space. They are much more elegant than showers with a curtain and will elevate the bathroom’s overall appearance.
  • Lower maintenance. Most people don’t enjoy cleaning or maintaining their bathroom. Enclosed showers are much easier to clean and maintain than other shower choices, so if your client is interested in more low-maintenance fixtures for their home, be sure to recommend shower enclosures.

Among all of the bathroom fixtures you can add to a home, shower enclosures stand out as one of the most beneficial. They bring improved functionality as well as increased aesthetic appeal, which is perfect for any homeowner wanting to add value to their new or renovated home. We here at Residential Building Specialties, Inc. offer beautiful shower enclosures that are sure to enhance your clients’ homes, so contact us today about installing a new enclosed shower.