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Closet Systems
At Residential Building Specialties, Inc., we want to help you keep your home organized so that you can spend less time looking for misplaced items and more time enjoying yourself. One way to dramatically improve your organization is to install a quality closet system. While many people find closet systems intimidating due to their perceived complexity or cost, we at Residential Building Specialties, Inc. offer many affordable options, and our experienced staff is happy to talk you through any decisions involved and answer any questions you may have. To help you get started in designing your ideal closet, here is a brief overview of the two most popular options in closet systems:

  • Coated Wire- Coated wire is just what it sounds like: shelving made from metal wire coated in vinyl or epoxy. This type of closet system is very durable and can support a good deal of weight. Coated wire closet systems also provide good air circulation (so nothing gets musty) and will allow you to easily see the items in your closet rather than having to hunt for them. While most coated wire shelving is white, some manufacturers offer other colors and finishes to suit a greater variety of color palettes.
  • Melamine Shelf-and-Bracket- The other most common type of closet system is known as a melamine shelf-and-bracket system. Melamine refers to the type of boards used, which are made of a thin sheet of paper that is then then dipped in resin and thermally fused with particleboard or fiberboard. Different papers are used to give the final product a number of finishes, from plain white to wood-grain patterns. This type of closet system is great if you prefer the look of solid shelves or prefer to keep your items in enclosed drawers.

If you have further questions about different closet systems, give us a call at Residential Building Specialties, Inc., to schedule a consultation.