Making Closet Systems Work for Tight Spaces

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When people are looking for a home or condo, after they have checked out the kitchen and baths, the next thing they’re going to check out are the closets! Having enough storage is a crucial deciding factor for a lot of people on whether or not they will choose that property. If you are in the process of finishing up a space and need to make the most of tight spaces, you need to find closet systems that will work with the space you have.

The first thing to determine when looking at closet systems for tight spaces is how to use the space wisely. This often means that you’ll need to do more than just the standard closet of one bar and a shelf setup. Things like multiple layers of storage rows, smart shoe solutions, and using vertical space is a great place to start in small places.

After you have decided how to use space inside your closet, you can artfully extend your storage space to the outside of your closet. Try putting your shoes on a bookcase for an attractive display of your favorite footwear. Put your jewelry on display as an art fixture in the bathroom instead of making it live in a jewelry box. Also, don’t forget to use the storage under your bed for clothing items you only use seasonally.

Here at Residential Building Specialties, Inc., we help people design closet systems all the time. Whether your closet systems are going into a custom home or a starter home design, we can help you find smart storage solutions that everyone will enjoy. What are your tips for maximizing closet systems for small spaces?