Mirrors, Glass Shelves, and Lighting Can Make All the Difference for a Walk-In Closet

Want to make a walk-in closet more fanciful, spacious, luxurious, and homey? Add mirrors and lighting but top it off with glass shelves and your walk-in closet space can quickly become a showstopper for your future homeowners.

Mirrors, Glass Shelves, and Lighting Can Make All the Difference for a Walk-In Closet

Nowadays there are so many lighting options available for walk in closets:

  • LED shelving lights can highlight jewelry shoes, or the colors of the entire wardrobe at a glance.
  • Hanging lights are not off the mark and can also add a room-like feel to a walk-in closet.
  • Vanity lighting around mirrors in addition to regular room lighting is a must for your closet designs.
  • Consider including a countertop or glass shelf with an adjacent electrical outlet for pressing or styling tools the homeowner will love having the option of using in their closet or bathroom as they get ready for their important work meetings or Friday nights out on the town.

Glass shelves are a great fit for amplifying light, accenting mirrors, accenting closet islands, leading from a walk-in to a connected bathroom area, seeing shoes or clothes on higher shelves, and so much more. Remember that glass shelves, including glass doors, are frequently used in kitchens to add decorative elements that make kitchens look larger while more practical to use. This is also a great storage option for a luxury walk-in closet for many of the same reasons, especially if additional lighting elements will be used.

Not only can glass shelves and doors make a closet more practical yet flashy, mirrors by the same makers can pull the entire look together. We offer mirrors and glass products to you from Virginia Mirrors Co., American Pride, Mirror Mate, Venture Circle, Gardner Glass, and Precision Frameworks, LLC.