The Right Height for Closet Shelves

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Putting in closet shelves is one sign that you’re almost done with a building project. But there’s a lot of thought and effort that goes into installing closet shelves, and you need to make sure all the shelves are positioned at the right height, so the space is functional and usable.

The Right Height for Closet Shelves

From a standard viewpoint, the top shelf in most closets should be 84 inches from the bottom of the floor. This shelf is designed for storage of non-daily items because at 7 feet high, it is just above the height most people can reach with ease.

If you plan on putting closet shelves above a single rod, in most cases, these shelves should go 68 inches from the floor. We recommend making this shelf up to 16 inches wide, so that users can have access to more storage space.

Most standard closets also feature linen shelf units, usually starting just below the top shelf and extending the unit down to floor level. We suggest using closet shelves that are 16 inches wide and placing them 15 inches vertically from the top of the unit down to the floor.

These are just a few of our recommendations for closet shelves, and depending on your project, you might decide to go with different measurements. If you need any additional advice, recommendations or guidance as you pick out closet shelves for a building project, don’t hesitate to let us know.