What to Look for in Good Door Keys

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One of the last things to prepare in a new home before handing the finished product over to the new homeowner is the door locks and keys. Of course, you don’t want to hand the new homeowner a flimsy key that bends easily or gets stuck in the locks. You want to give them quality keys that match the high quality of the house.

What to Look for in Good Door Keys

Luckily, we at Residential Building Specialties, Inc. have just what you need for any type of house or door key. Here are a few things to look for in good door keys to help you have the confidence you need to know we are providing you with only the best.

  • Top brands: When it comes to shopping for door keys, you can go to the closest locksmith and create a key for you that matches the lock, but there’s usually no guarantee that these keys will be of the best quality. You’ll want to look for top brands like Kwikset, Emtek, Better Home Products, Copper Creek, Baldwin, Schlage Lock, and Montana Forge. These are the brands that we offer. With top brands for keys, you can trust that you are getting top quality products.
  • Can unlock any lock: By this, we don’t mean that you should only invest in universal door keys. What you need is a door key that works for the lightest locks or the heavy, sturdy kind of locks that might get stiff during the wintertime. You need a key that can handle any kind of lock without issue.
  • Sturdy: You will also want door keys that are made of sturdy materials. The last thing you want is having a new key break off inside the lock because it was too flimsy or brittle to unlock the door properly. You also want a material that won’t bend easily against stiffer locks.

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