Which Type of Shower Door is Right for Your Client?

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When you are building or remodeling a bathroom, there are several details to consider and many decisions to be made. One of those decisions will be choosing a shower door. Not sure what style you are looking for? Not sure what finish you prefer? Here are some options to get you and your client started on the decision-making process:   

  • Frameless – A frameless shower door uses tempered glass and has no metal edges, giving your shower door a sleek and simple look. This type of shower door is an excellent way to display the craftsmanship and tilework of your shower. However, when it comes to price, these shower doors are typically priced higher than standard shower doors. Overall, if you prefer a modern look with clean lines, this is the shower door for you.

Which Type of Shower Door is Right for Your Client?

  • Semi-Frameless – Do you love the look of a frameless shower door, but it doesn’t work for your budget? A semi-frameless shower door may be a right fit for you. A semi-frameless shower door is a great alternative to a frameless shower door without the big price tag. With metal casing on the exterior lines of the door, this door can still give off a sleek and modern look even though it is not completely frameless.
  • Framed – Framed doors have metal framing all around the edges of the shower door. These doors are typically more affordable and give your door more support and strength.
  • Textured Glass – Textured glass shower doors provide more privacy and are typically easier to maintain than clear-glass shower doors.
  • Clear Glass – Clear glass gives your shower a sleek, finished look. However, clear glass requires a routine cleaning after each shower.

Our team at Residential Building Specialties, Inc. hopes this list helps you and your client explore the different options for a shower door. If you have any questions regarding shower doors, and the types we at RBS provide, please give us a call.