Why You Should Choose Shower Doors Over Shower Curtains for Your Build or Remodel

Why You Should Choose Shower Doors Over Shower Curtains for Your Build or RemodelOne of the most important rooms in the house you are building or remodeling is the bathroom. Your client will visit this room on a regular basis, so you want to be sure it is among the best in the house and filled with luxury. One of the main ways you can make it feel more luxurious is with the shower, specifically the type of shower enclosure. Here are a few reasons why you should choose shower doors over shower curtains for your build or remodel.

  • Like royalty: If nothing else, you should at least choose shower doors over curtains for the master bathroom. Perhaps having shower curtains for all the bathrooms in the house is nicer on your client’s budget, but you can give them a chance at luxury and feeling like royalty with nice, attractive shower doors. You can also choose a more budget-friendly option of standard framed swing doors that can offer the appeal over curtains while not breaking the bank.
  • A semblance of space: Shower curtains have a way of closing off a large portion of the bathroom and making it feel smaller. Shower doors, however, can make even a small bathroom feel lighter and more spacious with the glass.
  • Various options: Shower curtains can vary between plastic or fabric and different colors or patterns, but they are all still mostly the same. Shower doors offer a wider variety of options to better fit your clients’ needs and preferences. There are different doors that are better for larger or smaller spaces as well as doors that are framed or frameless. We can even make custom shower doors if needed. You can’t get the same variety from shower curtains.

Sure, shower curtains are one less thing for you as the builder or contractor to install, but shower doors will allow for higher price value, better appearances, and more luxury. You can give us a call if you or your client would like to learn more about the different shower doors we have to offer.